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Hi! My name is Alondra. I am a wife a fur mom, and a boy mawma. I launched my business April 24, 2023 with the support of my husband, I launched a Boutique we sale lashes, tumblers, pasties, and so much more! We are slowly growing. Growing up you always get asked what do you want to be when you grow up and I wanted to be so many things and being business owner was not part of my plans it's funny how things work in life. But after working for so many companies in my life now at 27 Im tired of it and decide to work on my dream that I never expected. So then La Diosa Vida Boutique was born! Which means The Goddes Life!! It's up to you to change your life if your not happy where you stand. So just know when you support us whether its a follow or a purchase or a like your supporting a family with a big dream to make ends met and be happy with life at the same time!
Lash style in photo: Natural Lady