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Sharpie S-Note Markers

Sharpie S-Note Markers

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Ignite your imagination with Sharpie S-Note creative markers. Versatile and fun, they’re both a marker and a highlighter, adding a splash of colour to note-taking, underlining, highlighting, drawing and more. Versatility is the name of the game, with a chisel tip that lets you quickly switch between precise and broad lines. Plus, the no-bleed ink keeps your work looking clean. Unleash your creativity with Sharpie S-Note!


Features & details

Versatile, creative marker pens in an array of bright, bold colours that make your work stand out

Perfect for taking notes, underlining, highlighting, drawing and more

2-in-1 chisel tip lets you quickly change between precise and broad lines

No-bleed ink keeps your artistic creations looking clean, for crisp drawing and colouring

Coloured cap for quick and easy identification

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